Adhesive System RP5


A cyanoacrylate formulation is a durable, instant glue or adhesive. If your company requires instant adhesives, then choose standardized or custom cyanoacrylate rp series formulations for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing uses and applications. Standardized “instant CA” formulations increase productivity on the assembly line, and are ideal for general repairs for many products.

Medium setting, general purpose adhesive designed to bond a wide variety of similar or dissimilar materials. The product is a versatile adhesive offering good climatic thermal and impact resistance. Its elasticity makes it ideal for bonding dissimilar materials. Handling strength in 5 to 10 seconds. RP 5 has a viscosity of 5 cps and is capable of filling gaps up to .002.

MIL SPEC A 46050C Type II, Class 1

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