Adhesive Systems SI 5


Surface insensitive cyanoacrylate instant adhesives used in applications that require exceptionally fast cure speeds, difficult to bond surfaces, on dry and acidic surfaces. Wood, PVC, substrates that contain plasticizers, certain types of EPDM, etc. Excellent for almost all surfaces.

SI 5 is a surface insensitive cyanoacrylate adhesive that is used in applications that require faster cure speeds, on parts that are dry, and on parts that may be acidic. The SI Series bonds a wide range of similar and dissimilar surfaces. The SI Series provides exceptional performance in a wide range of applicatons.

MIL SPEC A 46050C Type II, Class 1


  • Bonds almost any substrate
  • Faster than most super glues
  • Single Component
  • Dispensing can be automated
  •  Long term bond
  •  Meets military (Milspec) standard

Physical Properties:

 Color:                                     Clear

 Viscosity:                                120cps

 Specified Gravity:                    1.05

 Base:                                       Modified Ethyl

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