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Epoxies are hard at work, holding our world together. They are strong and versatile adhesives, which means that they’re consistent sellers for all sorts of different applications. Many epoxies actually have two components - a resin and a hardener that users can blend in different ratios to produce many different qualities. An epoxy adhesive will produce strong bonds on most common materials with the proper surface preparation. Epoxies are ideal for metals, plastics, rubber, wood, glass and ceramics, and epoxy adhesives will fill the gaps between poorly fitting parts. They can also be sanded, cut, and painted after curing.

Many applications benefit from an epoxy primer because epoxy primers are thin and provide for better adhesion by penetrating into a substrate to create a better bond.

Chemical Concepts carries an extensive line of epoxies, primers, and glues, and we’re ready to deliver them to you so that you can keep your customers happy and loyal. » Learn More


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