ASI 335 Neutral Cure Silicone, Clear, 10.2 fl. oz.


ASI 335 Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant/Adhesive is a one-part, non-slump, moisture-curing RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) that cures to form a tough, high modulus rubber with long-term flexibility and durability. The neutral curing mechanism of ASI 335 is ideally suited for use in confined work areas since no objectionable odors are evolved. The non-slump characteristics of ASI 335 allow application to vertical or horizontal joints without flowing or sagging. ASI 335 has excellent resistance to weathering including ozone, ultraviolet radiation, freeze-thaw conditions and airborne chemicals. After cure, the wide heat stability range of ASI 335 is from -57°C to +204°C (-70°F to +400°F) and the sealant can be applied to surface temperatures from -18°C to +50°C (0°F to +120°F).


  • 100% Silicone Sealant
  • High Performance, Excellent Adhesion
  • Resistant to UV degredation and Weathering
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Adheres to porous surfaces unlike other 100% silicones
  • Low odor, non corrosive to most metals
  • Low compression set and excellent oil resistance

Additional Benefits:

  • Contains No Solvents or Isocyanates which makes ASI 335 VOC Compliant
  • Easy to Dispense and work with at a Variety of Extreme Temperatures
  • Withstands a wide range of high heat and extreme cold
  • Fast Tack Free Time

Common Applications:

ASI 335 is an excellent sealant and/ or adhesive for many Commercial, Industrial, and Construction applications where a long-term, permanently flexible bond or seal is required. Such applications include:

  • OEM Applications (depending on substrates)
  • RV Construction
  • Confined work areas that require less odor
  • General Sealing and Waterproofing
  • General Construction
  • Vinyl, aluminum, and metal siding
  • General Industrial Applications
  • Metal Building and Portable Housing Applications
  • Glass Glazing
  • Formed in place gaskets (low swell, good oil resistance)
  • Sealing and bonding on porous substrates
  • Engine Components
  • Telecommunications Including Coaxial Cable Connectors
  • Etc. (Can be used for various applications depending upon substrate)

Common Bonding Substrates:

ASI 335 can be used on a variety of substrates that are not listed below. Please inquire or test on those substrates. We have listed some common substrates for your viewing: 

  • Aluminum 
  • Porous substrates (concrete, mortar, brick)
  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Metals
  • Most Woods
  • Most Plastics
  • Porcelain
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Steel 
  • Etc. (substrates may vary depending upon application)


Shore A Hardness
Tensile @ Break
Modulus @ 100% Elongation
Tear Strength

Adhesion Strength (Peel)


Aluminum Primed

Mortar (Primed)

Sag, or Slump
Shinkage (Weight Loss)
Extrusion Rate
Service Temperature Range
Tack Free Time
Cure Time (1/8" Bead) 
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