Bostik PAINTER'S CAULK - White, 10 oz. Cartridge: 12/cs

Bostik PAINTER'S CAULK - White, 10 oz. Cartridge: 12/cs is available to buy in increments of 1

Painter’s Caulk is a proprietary blend of acrylic resins that has been formulated for the Professional Painter to deliver optimum adhesion, paintability, and durability.

It is specially engineered to resist paint film cracking and can be painted with both water-based or oil-based coatings. It forms a weatherproof seal and adheres to most common construction materials while maintaining excellent flexibility.

This special blend is manufactured under a unique vacuumized filling process that promotes a smooth and easy application through reduction of “afterflow”, spurts and pops.

Bostik Painter’s Caulk also incorporates the Blockade™ antimicrobial system, imparting mold and mildew resistance of the cured bead.

• ASTM C834-00
• VOC Compliant: Meets CARB/OTC and SCAQMD Standards

• Perimeter sealing of windows and doors
• Baseboard and trim to surrounding materials
• Countertops and backsplashes
• Countertops,Sinks, and Bathtubs
• Crack and joint filling
• Vents and railings

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