CCA802 Kit (Stone Tac)

This is a hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

The newest and latest Chip Repair Kit from Chemical Concepts features our NEW Stone Tac Low Bloom Accelerator along with the CA5 thin repair compound, CA100 , medium repair compound and CA2400 thick repair compound. This kit allows you to make a variety of repairs on natural and engineered stone surfaces, with a significantly decreased chance of blooming or stone discoloration.

Stone Tac is a next generation aerosol accelerator developed specifically for stone repair to lessen the occurrence of blooming common in many natural stones. This new accelerator is designed not to settle into the stone and react with the metals therefore decreasing the chances of any blooming effects.

Each CCA802 Kit Contains:
● Stone Tac - 6oz Aerosol Can
● Chem-Set CA5 - 1oz (Thin Set)
● Chem-Set CA100 - 1oz (Medium Set)
● Chem-Set CA2400 - 1oz (Thick Set)

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