Conap/Cytec Industrial Adhesive AD-1146 5 Gallon Pail

This is a hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

AD-1146-C is a high-strength adhesive containing a stable solution of polymers in a solvent blend. It is developed specifically for bonding liquid urethanes to various substrates during the curing process. An extensive evaluation has demonstrated this system to be capable of bonding an exceptional variety of inorganic and organic materials together. AD-1146-C has a low solid content and requires heat to affect cure. Bonds to aluminum alloys,magnesium,iron,steel,glass,glass-fiber laminates,wood and leather have high strength and excellent resistance to hydrolysis and environmental extremes.


  • Heat Cure
  • High Strength
  • Weather Resistant



             comes in a Red   - C version

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