Chem-SET™ K4E Natural Stone Undermount Sink Kit /4 pc


To repair or attach an undermount sink. For natural stone that is a porous surface to which epoxy is used. Read and follow directions. Custom kit.

Chem-Set™ K4E Sink Under-mounter Kit  For Natural Stone
1 Tube of 633 25ml_5 Minute Epoxy Gel Adhesive
4 Chem-Set™ CC732G Stamped Metal Sink Clips
4 M1-B38-1/4 x 3/4 Male Bolted No Drill Sink Fasteners
4 USS Flat Washer 25R WUSLZ
4 1/4 x 20 Stamped Wing Nuts
2 Polypro Plastic Mixing Cup
2 Wooden Mixing Sticks
Instruction Sheet

All kits packaged in a clear clam shell retailable package. Kits available packaged in different quantities see individual sheets for Information. We can customize this product to meet your needs.

Additional Tools Needed for Kit:
• Pencil or marking pen
• Paper Plate
• Soft Cloth (lint free) Minimum Order Required Price Varies upon Quantity Ordering

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