Chem-Set™ K45 Epoxy (14ml syringe)

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ChemSet K45 Epoxy (14ml syringe) bagged with 2 PLA046M16X004 Mixing Nozzles

The ChemSet K45 Rapid Set Epoxy Gel is a fast curing, thixotropic/non-migrating adhesive designed for filling gaps.

- Non-sagging adhesive
- Gap-filling to .250 inches
- Rapid 7 minute fixture rate
- Good solvent resistance
- 100% reactive, no solvents
- Good environmental resistance

Recommended Applications:
- Bonding rough and irregular surfaces quickly
- Vertical and overhead applications such as signs and plaques
- Bonding concrete, wood, fabrics, steel, alumiun, ceramics, ferrites and copper alloys

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