Chem-Set™ F1TM38 Dishwasher Fastener (Adjustable)


ChemSet™ F1TM38-1.5x0.59 Adjustable Dishwasher Mount w/ 10/38 Philips Screw

The F1TM38 Adjustable Dishwasher fastener is a easy-to-use glue-on fastening system for mounting your dishwasher to the underside of your countertop. Simply use our 633 Epoxy (for Granite and Marble) or our 605 Acrylic (for Solid Surface, Quartz, or Engineered Stone) to adhere the fastener to the underside of your countertop while aligned with your dishwasher tabs. With the adjustable mount there is no need to be 100% accurate with your alignment, making the process much easier!

Within minutes the adhesive will cure and you can then use the 10/38 Phillips Head Screw provided to then securely fasten everything together. No more wooden strips attached to the underside of your countertop, and no more drilling! Comes in bags of 50

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