Cytec Conthane EN-1556 Polyurethane Resin Kit - 1 Gallon Kit - Black

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CONATHANE EN-1556 is a polyether based, non-MBOCA polyurethane resin system primarily intended for use as a molding, encapsulating, and potting compound for harness breakouts, watertight electrical connectors, cables, cable end seals, printed circuitry, and other electrical components.

The system also has use in the casting or molding of mechanical parts and as a lining material for pumps, chutes, and conveyors where outstanding abrasion resistance is a necessity. CONATHANE EN-1556 may be cured at room or elevated temperatures.

CONATHANE EN-1556, when fully cured, is a tough, cold-flow resistant elastomer that has good resistance to oils, gasoline, JP-4 fuel, water, and sea water and also provides outstanding protection against corrosion or contamination.

The system is funginert when tested in accordance with MIL-I-46058C and ASTM G-21 and meets or exceeds all of the requirements of MIL-M-24041C. Three primers have been developed for use in bonding CONATHANE EN-1556 to metals, neoprene, and polyvinyl chloride during the curing process.

CONAP® AD-1146 is recommended for metals, CONAP® PR-1167 for neoprene, and CONAP® AD-1161 for polyvinyl chloride Hazardous Materials: Additional shipping charges apply

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