Dry Treat Porcelain Plus Quart

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PORCELAIN PLUS is a premium, impregnating sealer specifically designed for porcelain and quartz surfaces. With its unique sealing and chemical bonding capabilities, PORCELAIN PLUS features nano size sealing molecules that will seal the micro pores in polished porcelains and quartz surfaces. This new technology has been developed specifically for surfaces with low absorption rates in an easy to use, non-film forming
sealer. PORCELAIN PLUS is ideal for sealing grout for all porcelain and glazed ceramic tile installations. Treated surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer. PORCELAIN PLUS truly is a sealer like no other.
  • Creates a unique molecular, or chemical bond
  • Seals the micro pores in polished porcelain and quartz surfaces
  • Permanent and strong protection
  • Repels oil and water based stains
  • Holds up to commercial cleaners and processes
  • Non-film forming and invisible
  • Will not change the coefficient of friction (COF) of the surface
  • For indoor, outdoor, residential & commercial use
  • 15-Year Performance Warranty


  •  Quartz Surfaces
  • Polished and Semi-Polished Porcelains
  • Through Body Porcelains
  • Textured Porcelains
  • Matte and Multi-Glazed Porcelains
  • Grout Joints for all porcelain and glazed ceramic installations
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