Dunabond 3206

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HDU defined – High Density Urethane material, or HDU, is a material that has been used increasingly in the sign industry for several reasons. Compared with wood, HDU simply lasts much longer, it doesn’t absorb anything that would lead to its deterioration, it’s much easier to shape and sculpt, and it’s highly resistant to peeling, rotting, and cracking. Further, it poses no hazard to the environment, and in fact, most HDU boards are compliant with today’s green building standards.

Fast Facts – Here are just a few of the clear benefits of these high performance HDU adhesives:
• Solvent free
• Waterproof
• Can effectively seal, reduce vibration, and absorb expansion and contraction over time
• Temperature resistant and easily adaptable to environmental extremes– Can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °F to beyond 176° F.
• Short working time (The 3206 has a working time of 15-18 minutes while the 3140 is fit to begin work after about 35-40 minutes.
• Water is not typically needed to bond non-porous surfaces *With porous Surfaces, it is recommended to spray some water to improve and accelerate the reaction.

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