KEEP-NUT™ 11.4mm Manual Drill Bit, 5/8"-11 Thread


11.4mm Manual KEEP-NUT™ Drill Bit with a 5/8"-11 thread for use with a grinder or polisher. Each 11.4mm Drill Bit comes with stop collar to set repeatable depths for accurate drilling.

  • Use on a manual stone polisher with water attachment. 
  • 3500-4000 RPM recommended


  1. For manual drilling you will need the 11.4mm diamond non-coring bit with a ⅝-11 thread and the stop collar
    • Water must be used for accurate hole dimensions. 3500-4000 RPM recommended
    • A different bit with a softer bond and finer diamonds is available for porcelain and sintered stone such Dekton, and Neolith
  2. Set the stop collar for the height of the anchor plus 1/16”. 
    • For most applications including undermount sinks, the 2 crown 6.5mm height anchor (IM2S) is recommended. 
    • For this anchor, set the stop collar for around 5/16 or 8mm from the cutting edge. This extra depth is important as the first 1/16” of drilling depth will be wider or out of round. As the bit drills deeper, the hole typically becomes more accurate.
  3. Start drilling at a 45° degree angle to start the hole. Once the hole is started, slowly pivot the bit to 90°. Try to keep the bit as steady as possible. Continue drilling with low to moderate pressure until the stop collar reaches the surface. Do not attempt to round out or widen the hole. Hole diameter is critical and the anchor will not function properly if the hole is too large.
  4. Use compressed air to clear the hole of debris. Use the Go/No Go gauge to test the hole. If the size labeled “No Go” fits, the hole is larger than recommend and the anchor may not perform according to specification.
    • When manual drilling the hole may be slightly large or out-of-round at the top of the hole. As long as the hole is sized correctly at the bottom, the anchor will perform at or near full strength.
  5. Thread a KEEP-NUT™ anchor on the setting tool and gently tap into the hole using a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer.
  6. Use the “Go” side of the “Go/No Go” gauge and gently tap the anchor with a mallet until it is fully seated at the bottom of the hole. 
    • The anchor must “bottom out” in the hole to work correctly. If the anchor is not fully seated, then the post will spin freely and not tighten down once inserted.
  7. Completed installation. For undermount sink applications, a threaded post, sink clip and wing nut may be applied during countertop installation. Properly installed KEEP-NUT™ press-in self-anchoring inserts can support up to 562lbs per anchor*.
    • *2 crown, 6.5mm version. Other anchors available with higher and lower load limits. Final pull out strength will depend on the substrate used.
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