Lord 310 A/B (1:1) Epoxy Adhesive

LORD 310-A/310-B (1:1)

LORD® 310 adhesive is a modified, thixotropic, twocomponent epoxy adhesive system used to bond many types of prepared metals, prepared rubber, urethane and plastics. Originally formulated for primerless adhesion to SMC, LORD 310 adhesive is used to bond disk drives, down-hole oil field equipment, automotive body panels and spoilers, and vibration damping mounts. LORD 310 adhesive can be either room temperature cured or heat cured for faster processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable – provides load bearing properties equal to or greater than the materials being bonded. 
  • Environmentally Recommended – contains no solvent, nonflammable and virtually odorless. 
  • Environmentally Resistant – resists moisture, sunlight, salt spray and thermal cycling. 
  • Temperature Resistant – performs at temperatures from -40°F to +400°F (-40°C to +204°C); resists postbakes up to 400°F (204°C); resists outgassing up to 225°F (107°C). 
  • Chemically Resistant – resists dilute acids, alkalis, solvents, oils and hydrocarbons; anti-corrosion processes including phosphatizing and ELPO (e-coat) coatings do not affect adhesive or its bond strength. 
  • Excellent Engineering Properties – provides low shrinkage, good creep properties and low water absorption
Typical Properties

310-A Resin 310-B Hardener 310-B Black Hardener
Appearance Off-White Paste Grey Paste Black Paste

Viscosity, cP @ 77°F (25°C)

400,000-820,000 230,000-690,000 200,000-700,000

Density, lb/gal (kg/m^3)

11.7-12.85 (1402-1540) 10.0-11.0 (1198-1318) 10.3-11.0 (1234-1318)
Flash Point (Closed Cup) °F (°C) >200 (>93) >200 (>93) >200 (>93)
Typical Properties of Adhesive Mixed w/ Hardener

310/310-B 310/310-B Black
Mix Ratio by Weight 1:1 1:1
Mix Ratio by Volume 1:15:1 1:15:1
Solids Content, % 100 100
Working Time, min @ 75°F (24°C) 30-60 30-60
Time to Handling Strength, hr 6-8 6-8
Mixed Appearance Grey Paste Black Paste
Cured Appearance Grey Black

Typical Cured Properties

Tensile Strength at Break, psi (MPa) 

ASTM D882-83A, modified

4650 (32)

Elongation %

ASTM D882-83A, modified


Young's Modulus, psi (MPa)

ASTM D882-83A, modified

245,000 (1689)

Glass Transition Temperature, °F (°C)

ASTM E1640-99, by DMA

140 (60)
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