Lord 3135 Epoxy Adhesive Hardener - Part B

LORD 3135B

Lord 3135 A/B & 3135/7111 is an epoxy-based, roomtemperature-curing structural adhesive. Most metals, wood, glass, concrete and masonry, and various synthetic materials can be bonded with this adhesive. It provides high strength bonds, with a degree of flexibility in the bondline.

This polymer adhesive comprises two parts: the 3135 A Resin, and the curing agent, 3135 B (7111). These components should be thoroughly mixed in the recommended proportion just prior to use.

In general, this adhesive is characterized by

  • Long pot life
  • Low rate of shrinkage
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical impact, and shock
  • Good electrical resistance 
  • Excellent adhesion to a multitude of substrates 
  • Good machinability. 

Lord 3135 A/B & 3135/7111 is an excellent adhesive for bonding “skins” to plastic or metal honey-comb cores, polyurethane foams, and phenolic and epoxy laminates.

This curing agent, 3135 B (7111), has a very low level of toxicity. It is possible to reduce the viscosity of the curing agent by heating to 65°C. However, warming the material will shorten the pot life of the mixed compound. The curing reaction commences as soon as the parts are mixed together.

Physical Properties (Uncured):

Color Straw Yellow

Viscosity (cps) @ 24°C

20,000 to 50,000
Mix Ratio (by Weight) 1:1
Specific Gravity 1.09
Pot Life @ 25°C (Working Time - Hours) 1.5-3
Flash Point Greater than 225°C

Mechanical Properties (Cured):

Chemical Solvent Resistance Good to Excellent
Approximate Heat Distortion Point 95°C
Operating Temperature Limit 95°C
Hardness (Shore D) 82
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (in/in/°F) 3.2 X 10^-5

Compressive Yield Point (psi)

(ASTM S-695)


Tensile Ultimate (psi)

(ASTM D-695)


Flexural Ultimate (psi)

(ASTM D-790)


T Peel @ 25°C

T Peel @ -106°C

5 lbs. per in.

1 lb per in.

Flatwise Tensile @ 25°C (psi)

Flatwise Tensile @ -73°C (psi)

500 psi

550 psi

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