LORD 606/6GB

LORD 606/6GB
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LORD® 606 adhesive when cured with LORD Accelerator 6 or 6GB creates a fast-setting adhesive system that will bond composites including DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) resin and modified DCPD resin based FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). This mixed adhesive can also cross-bond composites to many metals.

LORD 606 adhesive in combination with LORD Accelerator 6 or 6GB utilize a unique patented technology to create exceptionally strong bonds with excellent surface cure and minimal surface preparation.

LORD 606 adhesive can be mixed with either LORD Accelerator 6 or LORD Accelerator 6GB. LORD Accelerator 6GB allows precise control of the adhesive bondline thickness due to its content of glass beads. For further detailed information on LORD Accelerator 6 and LORD Accelerator 6GB, refer to the applicable data sheet.

Features and Benefits 

Versatile–bonds difficult-to-bond composites, such as DCPD based FRP, and a wide range of metals with minimal surface preparation.

Envirnomentally Resistant– resists dilute acids, alkalis, solvents, water immersion, moisture and weathering

Non-Sag– remains in position when applied on vertical or overhead surfaces, allowing for greater process flexibility


Surface Preparation–Surfaces should be free of grease, dirt and other contaminants. Some surfaces may require abrading for optimum performance.

Typical Properties

Appearance White to Off-white Paste
Viscosity, cP @ 77°F (25°C) 100,000-300,000
Density lb/gal (kg/m3) 8.7-9.7 (1042-1162)
Flash Point, closed cup 59 (15)
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