LORD 7550-C

LORD 7550-C


LORD® 7550 adhesive is an equal-mix, two-component clear urethane adhesive system used to bond Lexan®, ABS, polycarbonate and other plastics. This adhesive will also bond primed metals.

Features and Benefits 

Non-Flammable –does not require explosion-proof equipment.

Environmentally Recommended –does not contain ozone depleting chemicals.

Environmentally Resistant – rresists sunlight, weathering, humidity and salt spray.

Chemically Resistant –solvent resistant when cured. Painting and most cleaning processes do not affect bond strength.

Self Leveling–flows into hard-to-reach spaces; excellent for bonding parts with tight tolerances.


Surface Preparation –Surfaces should be free of grease, dirt and other contaminants. For plastics, clean the surface with a dry rag wipe or a rag dampened with solvent. For metals, grit blast and solvent wash the surface, then prime for optimum bond performance.

Mixing –Mix resin with the curative at a 1:1 ratio, by volume. Handheld cartridges will automatically dispense the correct volumetric ratio of each component

Applying –Apply adhesive using handheld cartridges. Assemble parts within working time of the adhesive.

  7555-C Curative
Appearance: White Paste
Viscosity, cP @ 77°F (25°C) 130,000-230,000
Density lb/gal (kg/m3) 9.95-10.25 (1192-1228)
Flash Point (Closed Cup), °F (°C) >200 (>93)
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