LORD 975-1052

LORD 975-1052
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LORD® Thermoset 975-1052 encapsulant is a two-component epoxy system designed specifi cally for encapsulating electronic components used in remote sensors and sensing devices. Thermoset 975-1052 encapsulant provides a semi-rigid epoxy system for use in applications where thermal shock is expected.

Features and Benefits 

Low Stress–exhibits low shrinkage and stress on components as it cures.

Room Temperature Cure – suitable for curing at room temperature; may be mildly heat cured (43-60°C) to expedite cure.

Low Exotherm –exhibits low exothermic heat rise during room temperature cure, minimizing affect on heat-sensitive components.

Environmentally Resistant –provides excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal shock; retains fl exibility even after heat aging.


Mixing – Thoroughly mix Thermoset 975-1052 resin with Thermoset 975-1052 hardener at a 100:74 ratio, by weight. Automatic meter/mix/dispense equipment may be used for high volume production.

Applying –Pour encapsulant directly from mixing container on to application, or apply using automatic meter/mix/dispense equipment.

Curing – Allow material to cure for 24 hours at 25°C. This time-at-temperature profi le refers to the time the material should be allowed to cure once it reaches the target temperature. Small masses of Thermoset 975-1052 encapsulant may be mildly heat cured (typically 43-60°C) to expedite the cure. Tests should be conducted to assure that elevated cure temperature does not suffi ciently increase the exotherm, adversely affecting the electronic components.

Cleanup –Disposable containers and utensils are recommended when working with epoxies. However, when disposable materials are impractical, uncured encapuslant can be removed by cleaning equipment with solvent. Solvent-cleaned utensils should be thoroughly dried before reuse; any remaining solvent can contaminate the next mixture

  975-1052 Resin 975-1052 Hardener Mixed
Appearance: Black Liquid Tan Liquid Black Liquid
Viscosity, cps @ 25°C 22,000 5,000 20,000
Specifi c Gravity 1.53-1.63 1.34-1.44 1.53-1.55
Gel Time, min @ 25°C 35-45
Working Life, min @ 25°C 15-20
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