Magikmold RTV-25 80 LB Kit

 Magikmold is a two-component, room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber with excellent fidelity of reproduction. It is suitable for making all kinds of molds, no matter how intricate, and for use with all types of reproduction material, whether wax, plaster, concrete, casting resin of low melting metal alloy. It is a general purpose mold making compound which is particularly suitable for the reproduction of models with extensive undercuts.
 • Shore A hardness 24-30
 • Excellent tear strength
 • High elongation and flexibility
 • Superior product detail
 • Easy to mix and cure
 • Will stick to itself
 • Resistance to sulphur clay
Applications include
 • Model kit molds 
•  Prototype models 
• Architectural trim
 • Ornamental moldings
 • Decorative components
 • Statues large and small
 • Furniture Costume jewelry
 • Fossils, coins
 • Soap and Candle molds 
• Rock climbing hold molds
• Gaskets for industrial equipment
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