META CRÈME™ Next Generation Impregnating Sealer


META CRÈME™ is the next generation of sealing technology, the ultimate breathable impregnating sealer for protecting natural stone, tiles, masonry, pavers, concrete and grout. It represents world best practice in sealing. 1 Quart (946 mL) recyclable soft pack

META CRÈME™ is ideal for indoor / outdoor use on kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment areas, pool surrounds, patios, countertops, floors, walls, building facades, and for public / commercial areas.

Next generation technology = the ultimate penetration and lifespan.
Super oil and water repellency for superior stain protection.
Super penetration creates large water and oil-repelling barrier, which provides protection against stains and many serious problems, including efflorescence, picture framing, spalling and freeze-thaw damage.
Low odor, non-drip white to straw colored cream.
Ultra low VOC, fulfills strictest LEEDS requirements.
Retains a natural color and finish of the surface.
Easy, one coat application.
Makes cleaning easier and dries quickly even after heavy rain to keeps surface looking new for longer;.
Breathable - water vapor escapes freely, helping to avoid harmful moisture buildup inside the treated material.
Treated areas are food contact safe.
Alkali resistant - won't break down in contact with cement based materials.
Can seal hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm (0.012 in.).
Will maintain a superior gloss level when used to treat highly polished surfaces.

VOC CONTENT: <100 g/L (excluding water) for EPA purposes.

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