Pacer E-40 Instant Adhesive (30-70 cP)


Pacer Technology General Purpose Grade E Series Cyanoacrylates are part of the original family of instant adhesives formulated to quickly bond plastics, rubber, metal and ceramic. These adhesives offer excellent strength characteristics and are available in five viscosities, from water-thin to a honey-like consistency, suitable for dispensing from the bottle or through automatic equipment.

  • FAST CURE: General Purpose 
  • 40 cP viscosity allows up to .004" gap fill capability 
  • Meets MIL-A-46050C Type II, Class 1 A-A-3097 (Commercial Spec), Type II, Class 1
Liquid State:

Base Chemical Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Color Clear Transparent Liquid
Flashpoint 185F / 85C
Viscosity, cP 30-70
Typical Gap, inches .004
Vapor Pressure, mm Hg @70C 10
Specific Gravity, @25F/-4C 1.06
Refractive Index, n20C/D +/-.03 1.45
Solubility Parameter 10.7
Soluble in: Pacer X-9 Debonder, Acetone, MEK, Nitromethane

Cured State:

Boiling Point 365F/185C
Softening Point 306F/153C
Heat Distortion 250F/121C
Glass Transition 342F/172C
Volume Shrinkage, % 13
Rockwell Hardness, M 74
Cured Temperature Range -65F to +180F (-54C to +82C)
Outgassing, 10^-6 mmHg, 72F 0
Elongation, % <2
Dielectric Constant, 1 mhz 3.90
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm (x10^12) 8.5

Strength Data:

Impact, ft-lbs, ASTM-950 7-10
Tensile, steel, psi, ASTM-D2095 4700 (±10%)
Tensile Shear, psi, ASTM-D1002
Steel 2700 (±10%)
Aluminum 1600 (±10%)
Nylon SF*
Rigid PVC SF*
EPDM 100 (±10%)
*substrate failure (adhesive bond stronger than substrate)
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