Pacer Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealant

PAC-Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealant

Hydraulic Pneumatic Sealant (20435), HPS, is a fast curing, high strength anaerobic product that is especially designed to seal against leakage of hydraulic fluids.

HPS is formulated without fillers which might otherwise clog sensitive hydraulic filters and pumps. Uncured excess HPS inadvertently introduced into hydraulic systems is completely soluble in hydraulic fluid and will not clog filters, valves or pumps.

This product has excellent chemical resistance and works on all metal fittings to form a resilient seal against high pressure and severe vibration.

Fixture time may be shortened and gap fill capacity may be increased through the use of Pacer Technology Anaerobic Primer.

Disassembly of parts is accomplished with normal tools.

Temperature Range: -65 to 300° F (-54 o 149° C)

Viscosity: MEDIUM Gap Fill: .015"

Cure Speed: 5-15 minutes primed, 30-60 minutes unprimed.

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