Pacer ISL-22 Low Strength Purple (850160 cP)


ISL Threadlocking Compounds are patented technology, structural cyanoacrylates that offer the strength and durability of anaerobics, and the cure times of an instant adhesive.

This chemistry is NOT a metal reactive system.
Unlike anaerobics, these materials will perform well on platings, stainless steel, and even plastic fasteners without the use of surface activators.

Use on any type of components, including metal, plated parts, plastic, wood.

• For thread locking, sealing, joining, fastening and retaining.
• Will not craze most plastics.
• Non-Surface sensitive.
• Can be handled in 1-5 minutes.
• 80% of full strength in 15-30 minutes. 

Note: ISL compounds are not recommended for applications involving constant immersion in water or constant exposure to temperatures over 180°F.

Removable for locking/sealing small screws under 1/4" diameter. May be disassembled with hand tools.

Meets MIL-A-46050C, Type II, Class 2* A-A-3097 (Commercial Spec), Type II, Class 2

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