Permabond 200

Permabond 200

PERMABOND 200 is a high viscosity product with good flow control useful in wire tacking applications or bonding components. It is fast setting and suitable for use on plastics, rubber and metals. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are single component adhesives that polymerize rapidly when pressed into a thin film between parts. The moisture adsorbed on the surface initiates the curing of the adhesive. Strong bonds are developed extremely fast and on a great variety of materials. These properties make PERMABOND cyanoacrylates the ideal adhesives for high speed production lines.

 Fast setting and fixturing of parts 
 Rapid development of high strength 
 Ease of use-no mixing, no heat cure 
 Bonds most materials
 100% reactive, no solvents

 Wire tacking
 Component mounting
 Encapsulating

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