Permabond 798

Permabond 798

PERMABOND® 798 is a high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive that combines fast cure with the ability to cure through a large gap. Plastics, metals, ceramics and can be bonded rapidly. The fast cure minimizes the occurrence of frosting and fogging. This adhesive is particularly wellsuited for used on porous substrates, since it fixtures before wicking into the surface pores.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are single component adhesives that polymerize rapidly when pressed into a thin film between parts. The moisture adsorbed on the surface initiates the curing of the adhesive. Strong bonds are developed extremely fast and on a great variety of materials. These properties make PERMABOND® cyanoacrylates the ideal adhesives for high speed production lines.

Features & Benefits
Extremely fast setting
Rapid development of high strength
Ease of use – no mixing or heat cure
Surface insensitive
100% reactive, no solvents

Approved to MIL-A-46050C Type II, Class 3

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