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PERMABOND® ES562 is a single-part epoxy adhesive which flows like solder when heated during curing. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and composites. The high bond strength of this adhesive allows it to replace mechanical fastening, soldering or brazing. The adhesive’s low viscosity is such that it self-levels.

Single-part epoxies are ideal for use in heavy wear-and-tear applications such as bonding tungsten carbide tools & machinery. They are ideal for replacing welding and brazing and can significantly reduce assembly production costs. For this reason their use is widespread in the heat exchanger bonding market for sealing heat exchanger tubes and end-plates.

Features & Benefits
Excellent adhesive strength
Excellent resistance to vibration
Easy to use – no mixing required
High shear strength
Low viscosity, self levelling
Good resistance to chemicals

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