Permabond HL138

Permabond HL138

Permabond® HL138 is a single component liquid that cures only when in contact with metal parts and oxygen is excluded. The liquid adhesive fills the “air space” between parts and upon cure which eliminates wear, erosion, and pitting. Permabond HL138 cures to a tough cross-linked plastic and provides excellent environmental and temperature resistance. Since Permabond® HL138 can fill up the inner space, shafthub assemblies can be made with a clearance fit and eliminates an expensive press fit, while actually increasing the push out force. PERMABOND® HL138 develops full strength quickly on a variety of metals and is used on high speed production lines.

Simple one-part fast cure low viscosity system
♦ Excellent shear strength
♦ Good environmental resistance

Mil-R-46082B Permabond HL138 meets and has been tested to the type and grade requirements of Mil- R-46082B type I specification. ASTM D5363 Permabond HL138 meets and has been tested to the group, class, and grade requirements for ASTM D5363 group 4, class 1, grade 1 requirements as defined in sections 5.1.1, 5.12, and 5.2 of the ASTM detailed guidelines.

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