Permabond HM160

Permabond HM160

Permabond® HM160 is a medium viscosity liquid adhesive that cures when confined between metal parts to form a tough, hard plastic. In the uncured, liquid state, the adhesive wets the metal surfaces, keying into all surface irregularities and fills the space between the mated parts.

The anaerobic curing mechanism delays the cure to allow for proper assembly and alignment. Once cured, the anaerobic adhesive fills the space between the parts preventing loosening from vibration or thermal expansion. When cured, the HM160 seals the joint against attack by harsh environments.

Reduces cost by allowing the use of lighter press fits
♦ Speeds production by utilizing easier to assemble tolerances
♦ Prolongs bearing life by reducing stress caused by press fits
♦ Improves alignment by filling space between bearing rings and housings
♦ Keeps machinery on line by dressing worn parts
♦ Strengthens the joint by augmenting the press fit used to
♦ assure concentricity of the shafts and bearings
♦ Prevents corrosion between mated parts by excluding air and moisture from the joint
♦ Prevents loosening caused by vibration

MIL-R-46082B Type II Each lot of HM160 is tested to the lot requirements of these specifications. ASTM D5363 AN 0412 Group 04 Class 1 Grade 2
Each lot of HM160 is tested to the general requirements defined in paragraphs 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 and the detail requirements defined in section 5.2 and thermal expansion 

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