Permabond HM161

Permabond HM161

Permabond® HM161 is a single component liquid that cures only when in contact with metal parts and oxygen is excluded. The liquid adhesive fills the “air space’ between parts and upon cure unitizes and retains the mated parts. Thus it prevents their movement relative to each other, eliminating wear, erosion and pitting. HM161 cures to a tough cross-linked plastic that will prevent the corrosion of mated parts and provides excellent environmental and temperature resistance.

Speeds up production
♦ Improves alignment
♦ Strengthens joint
♦ Simple one-part system
♦ Excellent shear strength
♦ Good environmental resistance

MIL-R-46082B Type III Each lot of HM161 is tested to the lot requirements of these specifications. ASTM D5363 AN 0421 Group 04 Class 2 Grade 1
Each lot of HM161 is tested to the general requirements defined in paragraphs 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 and the detail requirements defined in section 5.2

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