Permabond MH199

Permabond MH199

PERMABOND® MH199 Gasketmaker is an anaerobic curing flange sealant that can replace, or be used as a dressing for, conventional pre-cut gaskets. Since PERMABOND® MH199 Gasketmaker is a flowable paste, it conforms to the shape of the flange. The consistency allows metal to metal contact of the flanges while filling the areas where no contact exists because of irregularities. MH199 results in uniform stress distribution and eliminates the need for re-torquing because of stress relaxation of the flange bolts. It provides instant seal depending on the gap and flange width and ultimate seal up to 5000 psi. It is best suited for applications requiring high temperature resistance. Because of the flexible nature of the cured polymer, PERMABOND® MH199 Gasketmaker has good vibration and shock resistance.

♦ High Temperature resistant
♦ Eliminates pre-cut gaskets from flange assemblies
♦ Forms an instant, pressure resistant, leak-free seal
♦ Allows adjustments up to 20 minutes after assembly
♦ Forms a tough, durable seal able to withstand high pressure
♦ No need to re-tighten flange bolts
♦ Non-flammable
♦ Suitable for high-speed production
♦ No shimming effects – better load transmission

♦ General Maintenance
♦ Flange sealant
♦ Replaces traditional, pre-cut gaskets
♦ General Assembly Non-sag, flowable paste
♦ Provides a flexible seal between two flange faces
♦ Cured material does not “relax” like rubber gaskets, eliminating the need for re-torquing
♦ Provides an ultimate seal greater than 5000 psi

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