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Description Permabond® QFS10 accelerates cyanoacrylate adhesive cure rate to provide a shorter set time. It can be used in a variety of applications but is particularly suited for porous parts or poorly mated parts. Permabond QFS10 cures the adhesive before it soaks into a porous surface or runs out from between parts with sizable gaps.

It can be used to accelerate cure on sensitive plastic surfaces such as polycarbonate without causing stress cracking. No discoloration of the part surface is observed when using Permabond QFS10. The activator can be sprayed on the surface or the cyanoacrylate to accelerate curing in wire tacking or similar bonding applications.

Features & Benefits
Contains no ozone depleting agent
Accelerate cure rate of cyanoacrylates
Faster cure through gaps
Enables cyanoacrylates to bond to porous surfaces
Reduces frosting or fogging of the adhesive
Allows cyanoacrylates to cure on strongly passivated metals, aged PVC or acidic surfaces such as wood

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