It’s possible to install everything from kitchen appliances to architectural signage without drilling, and Chemical Concepts now offers No-Drill Bonding Fasteners. These innovative fasteners are rapidly gaining popularity because they use structural adhesives to mount easily to the surfaces of many substrates. They then provide enhanced aesthetics, reduced rework, reduced risk to fragile or brittle substrates, and improved production processes.

No-Drill Bonding Fasteners and Hardware are frequently used in architectural signage, emergency and specialty vehicles, and in stone and solid surface fabrication. And, they’ll soon be finding many more uses as people learn about all the benefits that they provide. Chemical Concepts offers many kits that use bonding fasteners with special clips to permit the installation of sinks and dishwashers without the need to drill holes. Your clients will be asking you about No-Drill Bonding Fasteners, so be sure that you have a full supply in stock.

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