Mold Making Materials

Whether your silicone mold customers count on you for the high-quality polyurethane foam that they need for casting applications or for polyester or low-melt alloys such as bronze, you can count on QUANTUM SILICONES (QSi’s) Moldmaking Silicones to deliver exact replicas every time. QSI has recently introduced its new True Skin Series of translucent liquid silicone rubbers, and these exciting products deliver an amazingly realistic appearance for prosthetics, special effects, animatronics, and many other applications. Once a customer uses True Skin, there will be no going back to older products, and Chemical Concepts is your supplier for a complete line of silicone moldmaking products from QSI. These are ideal for almost every moldmaking silicone application, especially architectural, candles & soaps, dental, food contact, health, prototyping, sculpture & figurine and special effects.