QM 113

QUA QM 113

QM 113 is a two-component, room temperature, condensation cure silicone material.  The cured rubber is very soft, has excellent mechanical properties and good shelf-life stability.  This material is an excellent choice for the molding of intricate patterns, skin molding or for applications where lower modulus and extremely tough rubber are required.  A variety of catalysts are offered with this material.

High tear strength
Low viscosity
Fast de-mold time
Low modulus
Useful temperature range -50 to 150C.

The standard catalyst for QM 113 is QM Cat Purple.  Additional catalysts include QM Cat Blue, QM Cat Red 3 QM Cat Clear, various thixotropic catalysts and QM Cat Clear FG for indirect food contact applications.

*Complies with FDA indirect food contact regulation CFR177.2600 only when used with QM Cat Clear FG.  Refer to QM Cat Clear FG data sheet for typical properties.

Molds for polyester, polyurethane and epoxy resin castings
Molds for technical articles and prototypes
Molds for small and large statues

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