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Rodmaster 6600 - Quick Set - 400ml

SKU: CCA6600-400
$26.00 / EA
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$26.00 / EA


Rodmaster 6600 Quick Set (10-15 min. handing time) is a high performance two part methacrylate adhesive engineered for rodding natural stone. It offers outstanding bond strength, is extremely durable, with excellent impact and weathering properties. Rodmaster 6600 greatly increases the durability of rodded stone, improving the stone's load capacity up to fives times compared to polyesters and other adhesives.

The dual cartridge application saves time and labor eliminating hand mixing and waste. It is also suitable for bonding sink clips and many other applications. 

  • Advanced Structural Acrylic Adhesive Offers Superior Performance to Epoxies and Polyesters
  • 5-10 Times Stronger than Polyester Adhesives 
  • Greatly Increases Flexural Strength of Natural Stone 
  • Faster Cure Time for Better Work Flow
  • Saves Time and Labor (10-15 min. Handing Time)
  • Available in Quick Set (15min.) and Medium Set (30 min.) formula 
  • Rod in Wet/Damp Stone 
  • Cartridge Applicator Increases Efficiency, and Consistency 
  • Superior Bonding to Metal, Fiberglass, Stone, and Plastics 
  • Low Shrinkage and Impervious to Water: Helps Protect Rodded Material from Rust Damage
  • 250lbs of weight on 5" granite rail with no breakage! 


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    SKU CCA6600-400
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    Rodmaster 6600 - SDS (Size: 1.8 MB)
    Rodmaster 6600 - TDS (Size: 1.2 MB)
    Rodmaster Flyer (Size: 681.7 KB)

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    Brand: Chem-Set