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SCIGRIP 1829 is being used in marine applications for bonding plasticized vinyls to masonry and metal and patching vinyl sheets. It is also used in upholstering vinyl seats, bonding vinyl to urethane foam, canvas, as well as other materials and attaching plastic letters to many substrates.
OTHER USES: Bonding aluminum or vinyl extrusions to concrete, repair of sporting equipment, leather goods, shoes, saddles, belts and handbags.

Bonding Recommendations

SCIGRIP® 1829 is a medium bodied, water-resistant, modified elastomer and light tan in color. It is a part solvent cement which cures with the dissipation of solvent to a very tough flexible film. It forms strong joints with rigid materials, but affords high impact resistance because of its flexibility. It is highly resistant to water, oil and gasoline. A thin film exposed to air will dry in 3 to 7 minutes.

Substrate Recommendations

A wide variety of plastics and non-plastics to themselves and to each other; such as flexible and rigid vinyls, acrylics, urethane foam and others to wood, metal, glass, masonry, canvas, rubber and other non-plastics.

Weld-On is a product of Scigrip.

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