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SCIGRIP 42 is a two-component, clear, medium bodied, reactive acrylic adhesive. It polymerizes by the reaction of Component A (Base Resin) with Component B (catalyst). SCIGRIP 42 is packaged in 10:1, 50 ml and 230 ml cartridges for use with a two-component dispensing gun and static mixing tip. The adhesive is mixed as it passes though the mixer tip. The mixed product polymerizes at room temperature; joints are usually hard enough for handling in about 4 hours at 70ºF (21ºC). Machining may be done after 24 hours. This product meets Military Spec A-8576C Type III.

Bonding Recommendations

SCIGRIP 42 is recommended for bonding of acrylic plastics especially where good clarity retention is required. It is versatile having many applications in the sign industry and in the manufacturing and repair of aquariums, museum quality cases and other plastics fabrication industries.

Substrate Recommendations

SCIGRIP® 42 is especially formulated to bond acrylic, including extruded cell cast and continuous cast, as well as, molded parts and some cross-linked sheet. It will also bond acrylic to polyester, cellulose acetate butyrate, polycarbonate and other materials.

Weld-On is a product of Scigrip.

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