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SCIGRIP 4784 is a clear, thin to medium bodied solvent cement. It cures rapidly with the dissipation of the solvent at room temperature resulting in a very strong, but flexible bond. The bond for SCIGRIP 4784 forms very quickly, so that some parts may be handled within a few minutes of application. Bond strength continues to develop very rapidly, reaching a substantial level within hours. Joints are water and weather resistant and will generally have similar physical and chemical properties to acrylic plastic. A long service life under normal conditions is provided by SCIGRIP 4784, however under some harsh conditions such as high heat or extended sun exposure, some yellowing of the bond line may occur.

Bonding Recommendations

SCIGRIP 4784 is recommended for joining flexible vinyl to itself. It can be used to repair or patch vinyl furniture seats and also bond other thermoplastics to various materials (e.g. plastic to materials such as cotton, wood, etc.) Although weather and water resistant, constant immersion in water could weaken the bond joint. For prolonged contact with water, SCIGRIP 66 is recommended.

Substrate Recommendations

SCIGRIP® 4784 is a flexible vinyl cement formulated to bond flexible vinyl to itself or a variety of other thermoplastics such as cellulose acetate butyrate, rigid PVC, acrylic, Kydex® and porous materials such as wood, and fabrics.

Weld-On is a product of Scigrip.

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