ShinEtsu KE45-R Red High Temp Neutral Cure Adhesive Sealant


Product Description Shin-Etsu's KE-45 is a paste like, single component, thixotropic adhesive that will cure into a tough, durable, resiliant, elastomer when exposed to moisture in the air at room temperature. KE-45 is a low odor, neutral cure, non-corrosive product that exhibits excellent, unprimed adhesion to metals, plastics, glass, and ceramics.  KE 45 can be used for general sealing as well as electrical insulation.  In addition, adheres well on alkali materials such as mortar and white cement.

Product Features

  • Single Component
  • Room-temperature cure 
  • Thixotropic paste
  • Low odor and non-corrosive
Typical Applications
  • Form-in-place gasketing
  • Sealing electronics
  • Adhering auto and appliance trim including metal, fabric and fabric backed plastics
  •  Sealing windows in oven doors and flues on  gas appliances, flanged pipe joints, access doors
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