Sia 3" x 21" 2925 Sialo X Straight Cloth Sanding Belts


SialoX 3" X 21", 3" x 24" and 4" x 24" 2925 Straight Cloth Belt
10 / Box

As a cost-effective all-round abrasive with a robust cloth backing, 2925 sialoX offers high edge stability, excellent tear resistance and long life, and delivers excellent results in a variety of applications including final sanding of steels and non-ferrous metals. Aluminium oxide x-wt cloth

High edge stability, high tear resistance
Suitable for general use in dry and wet sanding applications
Long lifetime thanks to strong backing material

Removing rust
Weld preparation
Sanding down
Removing discolouration
Surface treatment
Structuring and final sanding

Unalloyed / low-alloy steel
Non-ferrous metal
Stroke belt sanding
Power file
Contact wide belt sanding
Contact belt sanding

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