Sikagard 705L - 1 Component 5 Gallon


Sikagard 705 L is a one part low viscosity, solvent free, reactive impregnation for concrete and cementitious substrates based on silane technology with 99% active ingredient. Complies with the highest requirements of EN 1504-2 for hydrophobic Impregnation (penetration depth class II & resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and chloride ion penetration).

Sikagard 705 L is used as water-repellent penetrating sealer (hydrophobic treatment) for absorbent substrates such as:
Parking decks
Bridge decks
Concrete highway surfaces
Ramps and Barriers
Cooling Towers
Natural stone substrates
Many other traffic bearing/reinforced concrete substrates and structures

Excellent penetration (~100% active content)
Economic and easy to use
Reduces capillary water absorption, protection against driving rain and splashing on vertical areas.
Reduction of absorption of aggressive or deleterious agents dissolved in water (i.e. de-icing salts or chloride from marine environment)
Non vapor barrier
Long term efficiency, deep penetration Increases the resistance of concrete to freeze and thaw cycles and de-icing salts
Low VOC content
Resistant to sea water
Ready and easy to use

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