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Caulk and Silicone

Chemical Concepts carries many forms of caulk and silicone including siliconized acrylic latex, acetoxy cure silicones, hybrid silicones and neutral cure silicone. A short list of our most popular are listed below:

Chem-Set PB-3 (Siliconized Acrylic Latex) - a proven general construction perimeter water based sealant

Bondaflex or RTV 4500 (Acetoxy Cure Silicone) - have high elasticity and are extremely tough in extreme low and high temperature settings. Silicones also have the highest rated index for UV resistance, which is critical to many commercial and residential applications where sealant exposure is critical. Key characteristics include: non-yellowing, non-flammable, excellent weatherability and resistance to mildew

RTV 7500 (Neutral Cure Silicone) - in the same family tree as acetoxy silicones. While retaining those properties, neutral cures have added capabilities such as being non-corrosive, low odor, greater permanent flexibility and capacity for movement. Neutral cures offer a wider range of adhesion to common materials (plastic and masonry) without the use of a primer. This grouping of silicones offers particular formulas for Multi-Surface Adhesion, Self Leveling, High Temperature, Fast Curing and All Weather Sealant

75AM or MS35 (Hybrid) - silane-crosslinking organic polymers that combine properties typical of both silicone and polyurethane while eliminating their individual inherent weaknesses. Thus, hybrid sealants combine the adhesive strength and paintability of polyurethane with the weathering resistance of silicones

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