Stain-Repella™ Invisible Penetrating Sealer

Stain-Repella™ Invisible Penetrating Sealer

Stain-Repella™ is a penetrating, invisible and breathable water-based sealer which protects porous surfaces against stains to keep surfaces looking great.

Stain-Repella™ is suitable to use indoors and outdoors for a wide variety of locations, including floors, walls, building facades, swimming pool surrounds, patios, garages, countertops, kitchens and entertaining areas.

Economical high performance sealer Superior stain repellence Treated surfaces stay looking good and are easier to maintain  Invisible – so that the original look of the treated surface is maintained Easy single coat application  Breathable – allows water vapor to escape, helping to prevent damaging moisture buildup inside the treated material Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Water-based and low VOC  PFOA and PFOS-free

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