Tesa® 64962


tesa® 64962 is a double sided PE foam tape. The tape is equipped with a synthetic rubber adhesive.

tesa® 64962 features:

  • Thickness: 1600µm
  • Excellent immediate bonding strength
  • High bonding strength even on low surface energy substrates
  • Highly conformable foam backing provides high bonding strength on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Multi-purpose tape suitable for hand or automatic application

Main applications

  • Bonding of trims and profiles (plastic extrusions)
  • Mounting of shelf edge labelling systems
  • Fixing of cable channels
  • Construction of POS-displays
  • Mounting of indoor signs
  • Assembly aid, pre-fixation
 Technical Properties: 

     Backing Material:     PE Foam
      Color:                       Black/White
      Totoal Thickness:    1600um
      Type of Adhesive:    Synthetic Rubber
      Elongation at Break: 180%
      Tensile Strength:      12N/CM
       Type of Liner:           Glassine
       Color of Liner:           Yellow
       Thickness of Liner:    70um

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