tesa® ACXplus 7065 High Adhesion Tape 47mil, Black


tesa® ACXplus7065 is a deep black double-sided acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high performance acrylic system and is identified by its bonding power, stress dissipation and its temperature and weather resistance.

Due to the product’s unique formulation, this double-sided acrylic foam tape combines very high adhesion levels with a very good resistance against plasticizer migration. The viscoelastic core of this product is able to compensate for thermal elongations of bonded parts.
tesa® ACXplus 7065 is especially designed for the bonding of “hard-to-bond-materials” such as powder coatings or plastic materials. Even in combinations of such materials, this product provides advanced safety due to its innovative product design. This product provides a very high immediate tack and peel adhesion even on substrates with a low surface energy.
  • Bumper rails
  • Signage, blades or panels
  • Reinforcement bars (e.g. in elevators)
  • Decorative parts on white goods (e.g. decorative panel mounting)
 Technical Properties:

Backing material

foamed acrylic


deep black

Total thickness

1200 µm

Type of adhesive

tackified acrylic

Elongation at break

1000 %



Adhesion Properties:

Adhesion to Aluminium (after 3 days)

35 N/cm

Adhesion to Glass (after 3 days)

36 N/cm

Adhesion to PMMA (after 3 days)

35 N/cm

Adhesion to Steel (after 3 days)

40 N/cm

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