Tesa® 4970 Double Sided Banner Tape

tesa® 4970 is a 8.9 mils white double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PVC-film backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive. The product is easily identifiable by its white colour and the mustard yellow liner.

tesa® 4970 features: 60 yd
  • Excellent combination of high tack and immediate adhesion
  • High coating weight for good bonding performance on rough or dusty surfaces
  • Ideal for longterm bonding applications
  • Suitable for mounting and bonding applications in virtually every industry
Main Applications
  • Mounting plastic and wooden trims
  • Mounting decorative point of sale materials and displays
  • Mounting signs and scales
  • Mounting and bonding in every industry

Technical Properties: 

      Backing Material:  PVC Film

       Color:   White

       Total Thickness:  225um

       Type of Adhesive:   Tackified Acrylic

       Elongation at Break:   20%

       Tensile Strength:  38N/cm

       Type of Liner:   Glassine

       Color of Liner:  Brown

       Thickness of Liner: 71um

       Weight of Liner:    82g/m2

       Temperature Resistance:  60° C



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