Tesa® 4848 PV1Surface Protection Film


tesa® 4848PV1 surface protection film features an environmentally friendly polyethylene backing and a light, age-resistant acrylic adhesive.
This ensures easy, residue-free removal within four weeks of application.
The protection film is resistant against different chemical ingredients, physical stress and moisture.
The transparent backing avoids a “darkroom” effect when the film is applied to windows.
Suitable for surface protection applications in the appliance industry.

Main Applications
Protection against dirt and damage during:

  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Decoration work

Appliance surface protection
Automotive temporary surface protection

Technical Properties:

  Backing Material:   PE Film

   Total Thickness:    48um

   Type of Adhesive:   Acrylic

   Adhesion to Steel:   0.8N/cm

   Elongation at Break:  200%

   Tensile Strength:       12N/cm

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