Tesa® 50600 PET Polyester Silicone Masking Tape


When precise masking is critical, filmic tapes are the products of choice. These products are also referred to as fine-line tapes; the name speaks for itself. 50600 is a green, high-temperature masking tape featuring a polyester backing with a silicone adhesive.

Features and benefits include:
- Easy to apply
- High temperature resistance - up to 220°C / 428°F (30min.)
- Removes in one piece without leaving residue
 - 3.14 mil 72yd
 - Holding layers of film and fabric in place during composite manufacturing process
 - Masking during powder coating
 - Temporary holding during bonding of various composite materials and/or metals
 - Protection and removal of excess epoxies in bonding applications

Technical Properties: 

    Backing Material:  PET

    Total Thickness: 80um

     Type of Adhesive  Silicone

    Adhesion to Steel: 4N/cm

    Elongation at Break:  110%

   Tensile Strength:  75N/cm

    Temperature Resistance:  220°C

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