Vanseal Steel Sink Undermounter


Vance Undermounter universal undermount sink installation kit includes rails and hardware for fast and easy installation of all types of undermount sinks. All metal construction - will not split or warp. Can be used with all sink types - even the heaviest cast-iron, and with solid surface or stone countertops. Save time, money and materials by eliminating the need for wood supports and shims. Size can be adjusted to fit cabinet.

- Installs undermount sinks quickly and easily
- Patented, proven rail system used by professionals
- Works with ALL solid surface and stone countertops
- Works with ALL sink types
- No drilling into countertop -- weight of sink is supported by cabinet
- All hardware is included -- no wood supports or shims needed
- Fully adjustable and removable
- 23", 25", 36" and 50" lengths easily trim to fit any cabinet size
- Can be installed side to side or front to back
- Oval or Round sink installations require TWO undermounter kits
- Also available for corner or offset installations.

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